Services / Natural Hormone Balancing

At Wholistic MD we are fully aware of the fact that hormones in our body do not exist in isolation. Any factor that affects one hormone may affect all.

Balancing hormones is a complex and delicate act and special knowledge and understanding of this complex act is required. We also we understand that identifying symptom complexes are most important for diagnosis since symptoms can be vague and mundane and nonspecific. We will use extensive lab evaluation to confirm diagnosis but we will not strictly chase the numbers. We will fine tune the hormone therapy to each individual and we understand the difference between normal and optimal and we will work towards achieving optimal balance.

We usually use compounded bio identical hormones in forms of creams and oral compounds. We do not advocate or perform pellet insertion, since we do not believe that a surgical intervention every few months would be beneficial for anyone. With all the risks, discomfort, and scarring involved, we doubt they would help you achieve optimal hormone balance. In the same time, once the pellets are in, if the dosing is not right and the patient is having side effects, there is not much that one can do for the next few months until the whole pellet is completely absorbed. Pellets are not removable.

We usually like to use the safest hormones in the right patients, start low and go slow with dosing so that we can stop at the lowest dose that ameliorates the symptoms.

Optimal hormone balance means a healthier, happier, younger you.

Women’s Health with HOCATT Therapy

The HOCATT is specially designed for women’s health issues, with an extra ozone generator dedicated to performing optional vaginal Ozone-Oxygen insufflations and breast cupping.